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Racist Jokes

Q: what does a black person get after he has sex?
A: 20 years to life
What did Hitler get Ann frank for x-mas ? A easy bake oven
If Hitler came back from the dead and walked into a halacoust museum ,would he be like ahhh!! The good ole days
kentuck girl
What did the 11 year old girl from Kentucky say ? Get off me dad your crushing my ciggaretts
why do black people walk on the left
Q: Why do black people walk on the left?
A: Because they have no rights.
i didnt know that
racist jokes - i didnt know that
Derp: Dude I need to tell you somethink!
Derpdude: What? What happended?
Derp: I saw your girlfriend in the school library with a guy!
Derpdude: What?! we have a library in the school?!
More racist jokes down here...
How does a Jew make coffee?
Hebrews it
What do you call two mexicans fighting?

Juan vs Juan
There is a black guy and a mexican in a car. Who is driving?

A cop
why are black people so fast
why are black people so fats? Because the slow ones are in jail
white people 1
What do you call an anchor baby who wants to deport anchor babies. . .

Donald Trump
white people 3
What do you call white people?

Coconut popsicles
the niglet race
Why do all niggerz run fast?
Because they have years and years practicing chasing their dad's across Africa
What did Hitler get for his 6th birthday??

A G.I. Jew and an easy bake oven
slut joke
What's the difference between sluts and mosquitoes?

When I hit mosquitoes they stop sucking!
happy potter jew joke
What's the difference between Harry Potter and a Jew?

Harry made it out of the chambers alive!
fast niggas existance
Why are all black people fast?

Because all the slow ones are in prison.
How did black people invent breakdancing

Trying to steal the hubcaps off of moving cars.
What's the difference between Santa and Jews?

Santa goes down the chimney.
Give a Mexican a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for two days.
lets be real
What do you call the Ferguson riots.
Rise of the apes.
air jew
Q:Why do jews have such big noses?
A:Cause air is free.
jew car
Q:What is similar between a Jew and a diesel car.
A:They both don't take gas well
kfc joke
what is long and black

A KFC line!!!!!!
black gyenocologist
Q: Why do niggers make the best gynecologists?

A: Because they're already used to big lips, kinky hair, and bad breath.
whats black
a nigger
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