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Racist Jokes

Why do black people only have nightmares?
- Because we killed the only one that had a dream.
Whats black and yellow and fun to watch?

A school bus full of black kids driving off a cliff
black moms be like
Mom:Hey billy wath dis ass twerk
Billy:Mommy you scaring me ;c
Mom:WE AINT GO NAH WORRIES *Twerks really hard*
black joke1
Q:what do you call a black man with an Afro?
empire state building
A nigger and a spic jump off the empire state building. Who hits the ground first? The spic, cause the nigger had to stop on the way down and spraypaint mothafucka on the wall.
What do you call a white person playin with gasoline? A firecracker.
Why are black people so good at basketball?

Because all they have to do is run, shoot, and steal
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white man in court
What do you call a white man in court?
The lawyer.
screwed up penis
Bob walked into the restroom at a restaurant and saw a guy standing in front of a urinal.The guy at the urinal asked bob if he could unzip his pants for him and bob being the nice guy he is did so and then the guy asked bob if he could pull it out bob did and notice that the guys penis had warts and scratches all over it the guy then asked bob to aim it and put it back in and zip it up when they were done bob said to the guy what the hells wrong with your penis the guy pulled both his arms out of his top and said i dunno but I ain't touching it
How does a black woman aborts the unwanted child? She flushes the toilet.
Why is it allowed for women to be a pilot in Saudi Arabia but prohibited to drive? Because driving into a tower at full speed wouldn't make the same effect.
How do you call a fat guy eating bacon? A cannibal.
What's the difference between a nigger and a retarded person? The retard has higher IQ.
monkey brains
Why do Chinese people eat monkey brains and niggers don't? Because niggers aren't cannibals.
How many niggers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Zero, because they will steal the lightbulb.
hank hill
What's the same about jews and Hank Hill. They both like gas.
Why Beyonce sings "to the left, to the left"? Because niggers have no rights!
Whats the diference between a nigga and a nickel ? The nickel is worth something
reverse time
How to tell if the time is geting reversed ? Look out of the window and if you see a jew putting a coin on the ground then your correct
latina hot
A white guy married a hot latin chick, and ever since they're all she wants all the time is s*x, more and more s*x.
At some point the guy goes to his friend to ask what to do, the friend says "Tell her from now on if you want some you gonna pay.
on the floor:10 buck.
in the kitchen: 20 bucks
in the bedroom: 30 bucks."
The guy comes home and takes of his shirt, his wife jumps on him and he tells her "Hey! from now on you want some you pay for it!
on the floor:10 buck.
in the kitchen: 20 bucks
in the bedroom: 30 bucks."
So the girl says "O.K. Here's 30 bucks", the guy says "In the bedroom?" the girls says "No! 3 times on the floor!"
Did you know that jews blow candles on there birthday but they dont buy them they go to church to blow them
cross border
Whad did the Mexican say to the oder mexican ? Wnat to go cross border
Who are the real ninjas ? The black people you cant see them in the nigh or hear them
The Scientists are trying to make an invisible cloth but the black people beat us to it but weit they have that power over night
What did black people and gladiators have in common thry bouth ware slaves
sun cream
why are white people white cuz they use sun cream
m street
What can a mexican do that a white man cant ? clean street.....
Why are there no black people playing baseball ? Cuz they keep stealing the bases
the flintstones
What would you call the flintstones if they were black?
the old chinese man and the nigger
An old Chinese man was standing at the edge of a lake and was skipping stones on it. Each time he threw a stone it would go, CHING-FLING-ZING. A nigger walked up to him and asked (AXED) him what he was doing. The old Chinese man said, "I skip stones on surface of lake because it tells me my ancestry...see?" So the Old Chinese man threw another stone towards the surface of the lake and it again went CHING-FLING-ZING. The old Chinese man said, my brother's name was CHING, my sister in law's name was FLING and my mother in law's name was ZING. The nigger said he wanted to try it and find out his ancestry, so the Chinese man gave him a stone and the nigger threw it at the lake. As his stone skipped on the surface it went CHIM-PAN-ZEE!
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