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Racist Jokes

the black thirdgrader
Q: Why did the black third-grader have a bigger penis than all the other kids?
A: Because he was 23
the empire state fall
There is a white man and a Mexican which one falls to the ground first the Mexican or the white guy? A:the white guy because the Mexican stops to wipe the Windows
racist jokes - golden
What is faster than a black guy with your bike?

A:His Brother with your dvd player.
A bus with black people went down a cliff.
Whats the sad part?

A:2 seats were empty.
the bucket with shit
Q - What is the difference between a nigger, and a bucket with shit?

A - The bucket.
More racist jokes down here...
how do you know hitler is talking to you
Because He Does Nazi Anyone Else But you!
black emo kid
Q: Hey Did You Hear Of The Black Emo kid?
A: After He's Done Sobbing he Cheers up by Going To KFC!
Q: what can you notice at a Jewish barbecue? A: the smell of burning flesh
black asian sex joke
A Black woman and an Asian Man Are in A Hotel. One Night a friend of The Black woman comes to see her upstairs in her room. The Door was open So she went in. She Then Caught The Black woman and The Asian Man having sex. The Black woman looked up and said "Oh my god! What are you doing Here?" Then Her Friend said "I was Wondering if you had some Food, But I Didn't Know You Liked Fried Rice On Your Chicken!"
afropride flag
why does the pan-afro pride flag have the colors red, green, and black?
because it represents a watermelon, a nigger's favorite snack, LOL!
Q:What's The Worst thing about being White
A: (........) Exactly
candy box
Q: What do u call Jews in a candy box
A: Jew Jew Bees!
mexican jew
Q-what do you get when you mix a Mexican and a Jew?
A- you get a Jew that has to clean up the gas chamber after all the other jews are dead.
black jew4
Q- what do you get when you mix a black person with a Jew?
A- a black man who's actually intelligent.
Or- a Jew who can actually run when he sees trouble.
jews in a car1
Q- how many jews can I fit into my car?
A- 2 in the front, 3 in the back, and 6 raytmillion on the ash tray
chicken and fried stew
Q: What did Hitler make for dinner
A: Chicken and Fried Jew!
What do you call a black man in a red car ?
A malt easer box
weed jokes
Q- what do you call a stoned Mexican
A- baked beans
olimpic team
Q- how come Mexican doesn't have a olympic team
A- because every one that can run jump and swim is already across the border
black man, black room
Q:What did the black man say when he walked in to a black room?
A: "Family Im home!!
Q:Why can't Mexicans be fire fighters

A:Cuz they can't tell the difference between hose A and
Hose B
harry potter and jews
What is the difference between Harry Potter and Jews?

Harry Potter actually made it out of the chamber.
black jews1
Q:Why do black jews life suck?

A: because they got 2 people looking for them
oh god! another lightbulb joke!
Everyone knows the old joke "How many niggers does it take to change a lightbulb." To which the answer is of course "Three. One to hold the bulb and two to turn the ladder.

But do you know how many honkies it takes to change a lightbulb?

None! They pick up their cellphone and hire three niggers!
best jew joke ive ever heard
How do you get a Jewish Girl's number?

Lift up her sleeve.
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