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Racist Jokes

best jew joke ive ever heard
How do you get a Jewish Girl's number?

Lift up her sleeve.
jew black joke
Q: What's the difference between a black guy and a Jew

A: A Black guy can Escape when Things Get Heated!
4 men in a boat
One Asian,Mexican,white,black the Asian put up rice and said we have to much of this in our country the Mexican put up tacos and said to much were I came from the white through the black one off the boat and said we have to much of this in our country the black started to drowend
nigger joke1
What's long yellow and black a bus full of niggers going off a clif
the nigger says
The nigger that just got out off prision wanted to fuck first person he seen when he got out was a guy the nigger says wanna fuck the dude says where you from the nigger says straight from prison the dude asked the nigger if he ever dropped the soap the nigger said I wish then said wnna give it to me in the ass the dude says he's married then why not
Turns out the white dude didn't want it the black dude rapes him
jew joke9
What's the difference between a jew and gordon ramsay

A: gordon ramsay can take the heat
church joke
God once asked Jesus "How many pedophiles does it take to run a church?

Jesus said "don't you mean ruin? with an I?"

God shook his head. "No," he said "I" am not involved.
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the piggy bank
Q: What's the best thing about having a Nazi around you?

A: The Piggy bank gets saved
anne franks diary
Q - Why didn't Anne Frank finish her diary?
A - She needed more concentration
high white
How does a white man get high?

He walks into the hood trying to be black.
(They killed him.)
Why do black people never get cold?

Their skin absorbes all the light.
black joke11
Q: How do you pick up a Black guy
A: in a cop car
jew joke10
Q: What do u call Jews fighting over a cart

A: a 50% Discount
niggers and religion
Q: What do you call a black priest.

A: Holy shit
the gas bill
Q:How does Hitler freak people out

A: He gives them the Gas Bill
What's a Jews least favorite part of a scary movie?

The shower scene.
What do you call a barn full of black people

Antique farm equipment
jew favorite place
Q: What's a Jews Favorite place to go
A: The Crematorium
mexican jokes
Why couldn't juan find a job? Because he doesn't speak english! Not a good one?
now your fucked
so a girl with no arms and no legs is sitting by a pool, a man walks by and she says sir would u please fuck me, i've never been fucked and in my condition nobody would want to, so the man kicks her into the pool and says their now your fucked.
theyre done
Hey, how long does it take a Mexican to change a light... oh shit hes done.
black ppl
Why do black people run fast because all the slow ones are in jail hahaha
double racist joke
Whats the differenece betweeen a Black Jew and White jew
Answer: The black one has to sit at the back of the gas chanmber
black jews
A black jewish boy comes home from school
Daddy am i more black or more jewish the boy said
Dad: why do want to know son
Theres a boy at selling a bike at school for 50$ and i want to if i should talk him diwn to 40 or just steal it
what does a priest and freckles have in common
Both come on a boys face at an early age
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