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Racist Jokes

jew oven
Q: What do u get when you put a Jew in the oven
A: Cremated Ashes..
A Nice Seasoning that you can use on your bagel
hitler to go
Q What would happen if Hitler owned KFC

A it would be named Kentucky Fried Jews
jews in a light bulb
Q: How many Jews does it take to screw in a light bulb

A: None, Their Just Ashes...
harry potter and jews1
What is the difference between HARRY POTTER and a JEW?

black out1
There was a black out in my neighbor hood...

Don't worry the cops took care of it.
the flying jew
Q: What do you call a flying Jew?

A: smoke
More racist jokes down here...
whats the difference between niggers and dog shit
Eventually the dig shit turns white and stops stinkin!
whats the difference between a nikes shoes and a black man
racist jokes - whats the difference between a nikes shoes and a black man
Whats the difference between a nikes shoes and a black man?
The Nikes can survive with out the black but the black cant survive without the nikes
asian ant
Q: Whats the difference between an asian and an ant?
A: The ant has bigger eyes.
black moon
Q: Why cant black people survive on the moon?
A: Because there is no KFC on the moon.
hitler lunch
Q: What does Hitler eat for lunch?
A: German Fried Jews! (GFJ)
black weed
Q: Why do black people like weed?
A: Because weed kills people just like black people
arab plane
Q: what do you call an arab on the plane?
A: Whatever the date is because its gonna be 9/11 all over again!
omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! end of me
A north korean, a christian, a jew, and a black person, and an arab rides a plane together.

The North Korean Launches a Missle at South Korea. His shirt got stuck on the missle and he dies with the south koreans

The Christian had a gun and said convert or die!

The Jew gets mad at the christian and throws a knife at him

The christian's driver's licence falls out of his pocket and his name was Jesus Christ. The christian passengers blame him for killing jesus and kills the jew.

The Black person rapes people and than a kid flushed kfc down the toilet. The Black guy flushes himself down the toilet to get the kfc. He dies

The Arab hijacks the plane and crashes into justin beibers house. everyone dies because they are so happy justin beiber died.
weed farm
Q: How do you know you're in a black person's garden?
A: If hes growing weed, hes black as shit.
A Chinese person, a blonde, and an african kid walks into a gameshow and the host asks:

What starts with a D and ends with a UMB?
The Chinese person says dingchanrumb
The African Kid says dambulanasumb
The Blonde says firetruck
hitler and phelps
Q: what's the diffrence between hitler and michael phelps?

A:phelps can finish of a race.
Q: what did Davy Crockett say when he looked over the wall of the Alamo?

A:holly shit who called the roofers!
most wanted
What do you call a black guy in a white neighborhood?

The Suspect
what to do today
racist jokes - what to do today
Red forman is awesome!
hitlers greatest invention
What was Hitler's greatest invention?
The Easy Bake Oven.
jews and basketball
Q: what do you call a Jew that loses at basketball

A: holocrossed
whale shit1
Q:Why don''t sharks eat black people?
A:Because they think they're whale shit.
Q: What do u call 200 Mexicans at the bottom of the ocean

A: A Good Start
Q: What's the difference between Iceman and a Jew

A: Apparently Everything...
jews in car
How do you fit 10 Jews in 1 car.

Two in the front

Two in the middle

Six in the ash trey

jesus joke
Q:What's the difference between Jesus and a picture of Jesus?
A:Only takes one nail to hang the picture.
Q: whats the difference between Iceman and a Jew

A: About 450°F
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