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Racist Jokes

a jewish joke
I would tell u a Jewish joke....
But I'm Pretty sure you heard it about 6 Million Times!
hurlers life
why could hitler not pay the gas bill it kept rising
black jesus
I think Jesus is black because he's our father and he hasn't come back
black jew7
What do you call a black Jew....

A: A survivor
my new computer
I painted my computer black so it could run faster
J: Did you ever hear the phrase " White Men Cant Jump " ? A: Well thats a lie just look at the footage from 9/11
not my son
racist jokes - not my son
LOL made me laugh
More racist jokes down here...
healthy hitler
Q:What did Hitler drink to keep him healthy?
A:Apple jews
pizza oven
Q: Whats the difference between a jew and a pizza?

A: One screams in the oven.
flying airplanes
Q:You know who's bad at flying airplanes
I would tell you my jew joke, but it was too cheap
in the middle
What do you call a white man in the middle of a group of black people?

The jail warden
black on the bike
What do you call a nigga on a bike ?

floating stuffs
What will you say when you see your electronics floating aroung in your house at night ?

"Drop it nigga"
black priest1
What do you call a black priest?

Holy shit
the most confusing day
What is the most confusing day in Harlem?

Father's day
black and white3
What is black on top and white at the bottom?

niggers & guns
What is the same thing about niggers and broken guns?

They don't work and you can't fire them
niggers daddy
What is the difference between a stolen grail and a nigga's daddy?

You may find the grail
black and the volkswagen
How can you get 12 niggas into a bottle of Volkswagen?
Put in a welfare check
How do you get them out?
Put in a job application
fun thing
What is black and orange and make you laugh?
A burning nigger
What is yellow and black and make you happy?
A bus full of niggers falling off a cliff
nigger & cement
What do you have when you see a nigger with cement up to his neck?

Not enough cement
the nigger and a duck
There was a nigger went into the park with a duck on his shoulder.The bartender asked:
"Cool! Where did you get that?"
"Africa",answered the duck."They are all over the fucking place."
hitlers daughter
One day Hitler's daughter walked up to him. She was feeling kind of thirsty, So she asked Hitler if there was any Juice. Hitler says " Yea there's Juice" So his daughter checks the Refrigerator, She couldn't find any in there. Then she asked "Well Dad where's the Juice?" Then Hitler said " Damn I Forgot I left it in the oven!"
jacked up
racist jokes - jacked up
Q: Why are black people so good at basketball?
A: Because all you do is run ,
shoot ,and steal
jewish joke4
Q: How do you pick up a Jewish girl?
A: With an ash tray
Boy: I have a tinker bell.
Girl: really?!?!!?
Boy: just blackish...
Girl: I see
the chamber
Q: What's the difference between a Jew and a bullet?
A: the bullet actually leaves the chamber live.
Get it beacuse the bullet is live ammunition
biology test
racist jokes - biology test
I failed my Biology test last week. The question was:
"What can be commonly be found in cells?"
Apparently, "niggers" wasn't the right answer
What did the Mexican get for his birthday?

Your bike.
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