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Racist Jokes

mexican cars
Why do Mexican cars have those little steering wheels?
So they can drive handcuffed.
drowning nigger1
How do you stop a nigger from drowning?
You don't.
no nigger nuns

Why can't nigger women become nuns?
Because they can't get used to saying 'superior' after 'Mother
What does N.A.A.C.P stand for?
Niggers Are Always Causing Problems
buried niggers
Why are niggers always buried 12 feet deep?
Deep down they're good people.
mexican hide and seek
Why don't mexicans play hide and seek?
Because no one will look for them.
niggers & tootsie rolls
Why do niggers eat tootsie rolls with a fork?
So they don't bite their fingers.
More racist jokes down here...
windows up
Why do niggers drive with their windows up?
They think the smell is coming from outside.
nigger periods
Why do nigger females hate getting their periods?
It means there at least 9 months away from the next welfare upgrade.
walts disney in black
Walt Disney Movie Cancelled. Al Sharpton reported today that Walt Disney's new film called “Jet Black” the African-American version of “Snow White" has been canceled. All of the 7 dwarfs: Dealer, Stealer, Mugger, Forger, Drive By, Homeboy, and Shanky-Skank have refused to sing “Hi Ho” because they say it offends black prostitutes. They also have no intention of singing, “It's off to work we go."
niggers and kids
When a she-boon has 5 turdlers all named Tyrone how does she tell them apart?
By the last name
the end of the skin
What do you call that useless piece of skin on the end of a black man's dick ?
A nigger.
damn, niggers
A little nigger boy put flour all over his face while his Mother was cooking.
"Look Mama - I is a white boy."
She slapped him around the head.
He went in to his Dad, who was watching TV.
"Look Papa, I is a white boy."
His Father kicked his ass.
He went to his Grandma who was folding clothes.
"Look Grandma - I is a white boy."
She punched him right on the nose.
He shouted, "I've only been white for three minutes, and I already HATE you fucking niggers..."
rock throwing
A Chinese man was skipping rocks across a lake one day. A Coon comes by and asks, "Wat yo doin?"
The Chinaman replied, "You skip rock across water, and it tell you your ancestors."
"Watch", he continues. The Chinaman skips the rock across the water, with the sound, "Ching, Chang, Chong!"
Ching is my Mother's name, Chang is my Father's name, and I am Chong," the Chinaman finishes.
The Coon says, "Let meh try dat."
He picks up a rock, and he skips it across the water with the sound, "Chim-Pan-Zee!" Then the nigger gets mad, and throws a great big rock into the water, "Bab-boon!"
air niggas
A nigger is standing in line at an airport looking to buy an airline ticket to Africa. He finds he is just $1 short for the airfare. Determined to go and find his roots he turns to a tall Texan standing behind him and "axed" him for a dollar. The Texan replies, "Shit boy! Only $1 to send your black ass back to Africa? Here's a twenty, take some of your friends with ya!"
medical school

When students took the entrance exam for medical school , they were perplexed by this question:
"Please rearrange the letters p-n-e-s-i to spell out the part of the human body that is most useful when erect." Those who spelled spine became successful doctors.
The rest were niggers.
turn signal and niggers
I asked a nigger to see my turn signal was working.
He said yes no yes no yes no
another lightbulb joke1
Q: how many cops does it take to put in a lightbulb?
A: none they beat the room for being black
yo mam so black
You mama so black when she agent swimming people thought she was an oil spill
niggers and tornadoes1
What do niggers and tornadoes have in common?
It only takes one to ruin a neighborhood
niggers cloth
What repulsive thing can you find in a nigger's clothes?
The nigger
nigger blowjobs
Why does the nigger run away when his girlfriend offers him a blowjob?

"He doesn't like any jobs
naacp part 2
NAACP stands for:
Niggers Are Actually Completely Pointless
National Association Against All Caucasian People
Now Apes Are Called People
Newly Appointed Apes Chunking Poop
Negroid Apes Absent of Cognitive Production
Now An Ape's Called President
Niggers Are Against Crime Prevention
Niggers Are Always Criminal Perpetrators
Niggers Always Assault Caucasian People
frowning chimpanzees
Why do chimpanzees always frown?
They know that in a million years they will turn into niggers
niglets & animals
3 niglets sre in school one day.
The teacher asks them, "What do cows say?"
LaEboneisha replies, "moo!"
Teacher then asks, "What do sheep say?"
DaTrayvonne replies, "baa!"
Teacher then asks, "What do pigs say?"
Leroy says, "Freeze nigger! What's in the bag?"
black criminals
racist jokes - black criminals
Do you know why newspapers don’t print the pictures of all the crime suspects?
They would run out of black ink.
nigger tv
New TV network! TNB!
6:30am - Late Night Chimpouts
9:30 AM Good morning white people.
10:00 AM Cops beating niggers with clubs
10:30 AM Cops Tazing Niggers
11:00 AM Mid Morning Chimpouts
12:00 Cops beating niggers
12:30 COPS - Nigger Edition
1:30 pm GOOD Morning Niggers
2:30PM Startrek The Black Generation
Set phasers to swag as Lt Commander Chimpout has a class 5. Red alert n sheeeeeit
3:30pm New Jersey Shore; Camden Edition. City.Gone.Black ugnomesayindawg?
4:30 Niggers In History
4:35 Niggers In Science
4:40 Niggers in Space
4:45 Niggers in Prison (4 hour 95 part mini series)
9:00pm Movie(Sci-Fi) District Fo' A nigger built space craft sends the entire nigger race to a distant star system where they encounter an ancient alien civilization and wear out their welcome by committing far too many crimes and eating all the fried alien chickens and watermelons. The aliens develop their own version of NIGGERMANIA as they search for a way to dispose of the boot-lipped savages.
11:00PM Pirates Of Somalia. We bought a bunch of old navy vessels and made them look like commercial ships as bait for the stupid niggers in Somalia. When they approach, we do zany stuff. One time we sank the ship and that pulled the pirates down with the ship. One time we waited till they boarded the ship then sank it!
12:00 am Game show Chimp Or Pimp
1:00am That's Racist - Game show
2:00am The Late Show With Niggers
3:00 am Nigger Inventors
3:01 Off Air
another nigga joke
What do you call a niggers with an IQ of 15?
What do you call a niggers with an IQ of 150?
atom and niggers
How do you split an Atom?
Give it to a Nigger & tell it not to break it.
ghetto houses
Why do niggers wear designer clothes, talk on expensive smart phones, drive luxury automobiles, but live in the ghetto?
Because it's hard to steal a house.
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