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Racist Jokes

whats the difference between harry potter and the Jews.

harry escaped the chambers.
what do you call a black man with no ears.

a chocolate finger.
what is Hitlers favorite planet

black persons revenge
Tyler confronted Kyler, his ugly white friend. Tyler said to him,
"You know,you're really never gonna get a girlfriend."
Kyler said,
"I have a girlfriend. Her name is Hannah Campbell."
"So you're the Ugliest Couple I've been hearing so much about?"
"We aren't ugly!"
"You and Hannah Campbell are so ugly your nicknames are Eeuggh!"
"Well, you're a n****r!"
Tyler got so angry at this that he pulled a crowbar from out of nowhere and beat Kyler so bad he sent him to the hospital.
Black Person's Revenge.
stop racism now black lives mattter
Everyday, the black person gets ridiculed behind their back, or right to their face. Black people have the reputation as thugs, robbers, jailbirds, etc. I'd love for that to end. And it's all because of our race! I wish all the racist jokes would just end, whether it be about blacks, Jews, etc. Why can't people point out the fact that we are who we are rather than the fact that we're black, Jewish, blonde, I wish it would just end! I hope I'm those racist little brains of yours I grabbed you attention.

"I have a dream that one day my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today."
hitlers favourite drink
Q:Whats Adolf Hitler's favourite drink?

A:Mountain Jew
what did hitlar get his daughter for a bday gift an easy bake oven
More racist jokes down here...
hitlers death
How did hitler die he got the gas bill
nigga joke bike
why a nigga on a bike is not funny ?
because that bike is probebly yours
nigger jokes
Why are niggers so fast? The slow ones are in jail
nigger jokes 1
Why are niggers so fast? The slow ones are in jail
chinese robbers
How do you know if the guys who entered to your house and stole everything are chinese?
Because the house is clean and you can´t find your cat.
nigger jokes5
racist jokes - nigger jokes5
Football/soccer league is the right place to buy a nigger
white women
Once you go black, you're a single mother
2nd cousins
racist jokes - 2nd cousins
Luanne: Come over
Billy bob: Can't, watching nascar
Luanne: Just foudn out we only 2nd cousins
stingy jews
Why do Jews get double glazed Windows?

So their children can't hear the ice cream truck
jupiter or jewpiter
We should change the name of Jupiter to Jewpiter because it's a gas planet
how was it
Q: How was the Holocaust

A: Pretty Jewful!
So there was a black guy and a Mexican in a car, who's driving?

Whats the difference between a Jew and Santa

Santa goes down the chimney
nigga dis poop is huge
racist jokes - nigga dis poop is huge
One time i was in the bathroom and BAM Holy shit it was HUUUUUUGE Like i dont know it was litterally a HOLY Shit.
blacks and fourwheelers
Q: How are blacks and four wheeler alike?
A:When the chains break they don't work anymore
jew and a boyscout
Q:How are jews and boy scouts different?
A: Boy scouts come home from camp

asian girls
Q: why do Asian girls have small boobs

A: Because Only A's are Acceptable
yo mama16
Yo mamas like the neighborhood bike....
Everyone's rode her..
What do you call a retarded Jew?

A: Auschwistic
why did they chicken cross the rode.
To get to the otherside
whyd the chicken cross the road
Because your mom had her legs spread on the other side and he could smell fish
gods error
Q: Why doesn't Africa have food or water?

A: God is trying to fix his mistakes!
Q: How white men become poor?

A: They feel sorry for the Mexicans, and Blacks. Then give there jobs, and money away.
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