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Racist Jokes

Steven was Jewish, he was adopted
Steven was black and had a crush on a Mexican, he wanted to be like her. (Wee abo)
football and slavery
what's the difference between football and slavery?
niggers always being sold, traded, fired, and even beaten.
stanford rape case
I don't know how to put this, but Brock Turner will become someone's bitch in prison, not a joke.
april 20th (hitlers birthday)
How do you know it's April 20th in Germany?
Just find a Jew's dead body with a trail of blood leading up it, or a vandalized synagogue.
nazi to jew conversation
Nazi: Are Jew mad bro?

Jew: No, I did Nazi it coming.
3 blondes on the way to disneyland
3 Blondes are driving to Disney Land. They see a sign that says "Disney Land Left" so they turn around and go home.
More racist jokes down here...
**super racst**
Why are niggers so black? Because they roast in the sun all day.

//I'm really sorry to African americans-
jew joke14
How many jews can you fit in a car? 2 in the front, 3 in the back, and 6 million in the ashtray
nigger strength
Q:Why are niggers getting stronger?
A:The tv's are getting bigger.
why all blacks are so poor
Q: Why are all blacks poor?

A: Because their all following in the footsteps of their biggest role model (Obama), who lives in government housing.
Q. What do you call a pool full of blacks?
A. Cocoa Puffs
the accident
Why don't they sell XBOX ONE's in Mexico? Because there all in green boxes
yo mamas so black
Yo mama's so black she could go to a funeral naked.
female dogs
When does a bitch become a darn?
When she is granted welfare by the Humane Society.
elsa the snow queen
She ain't the snow queen no more since having kids. Elsa's on welfare now!
racist jokes - nigger!1
What do you call a second class citizen?
books vs niggers
What do Books have that Niggers don't?

batman and black man
What's the Difference Between Batman and Black Man?
Adam West can go into a store without Burt Ward. (Adam West and Burt Ward were the original 1960s Batman & Robin. They still are making appearances at comic conventions)
censorship records
it's amazing how much parents don't let their kids let silver-screen Hollywood movies, but they let their kids play GTA like hell! What bastards!
ingrid bergman & max
racist jokes - ingrid bergman & max
I would LOVE to have had sex with her, but we Japanese dudes are "too short" literally.
not a joke: i saw this shit on fastwebcom!!!!
The Julius Henri Marx Scholarship named after Groucho Marx, is not only for Jewish students pursuing a career in theatrical-arts, but for high school class clowns too! Lots of my friends need this for the debt and loans, especially the frat boys and sorority sluts.
steve jobs as a pimp
what would u call steve jobs as a pimp?
a macdaddy
nigger founding fathers
Fact: The Only Niggers Who've Lived in Government Housing, Were The President, Marion Barry, and Former Justice Marshall, and they were successful coons weren't they?
jew on april 20th
What's the worse thing about being a Jew on April 20th?
Anything. Neo-Nazis are gonna get u no matter what happens.
what makes you happy
Whats black and yellow and makes you happy?
A bus full of niggers falling off a cliff
Whats black and red and spins all day?
A nigger in a blender
get in the car!
How many Jews can fit in a car?
Two in the front three in the back and 600 in the ashtray
on the plane
A American professor, a Frenchman, a Mexican and a Chinese guy were on a plane. The Frenchmantook a bottle of wine and throws it out of the plane after saying we have to many of these in our country
The Chinese guy takes a bowl of noodles and throws it out of the plane
The Mexican guy takes a taco and throws it out of the plane
The American guy picks up the Mexican guy and says that we have too many of these in our country and throws him out of the plane
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