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Racist Jokes

What do you call a nigger hanging from an electric wire?
Fried chicken
rotten banana
What do you call a bus full of niggers?
A rotten banana
uber creepy
racist jokes - uber creepy
How do u get 5 million jews into one car?
Toss bank-loads of money inside.

To get them out?
Tell them Heinrich Himmler & Reinhard Heydrich are the Uber drivers!
hitler meets a jew
Hitler walked past a Jew looking in an ashtray he said"looking for someone"
what does nigger stand as a acronym
Ending up
Raping women
*An acronym I made up
ncaa and naacp
U sure can't have the NAACP, unless u don't want to go for an athletic scholarship.
impersonating cops
WARNING: It's illegal, unless u scare only the niggers, not the black people.
More racist jokes down here...
jewish ghosts1
What language do Jewish ghosts speak?
How does a Muslim close the door?
Islams it
a cop
There is a Mexican and I Nigga in the back seat of a car but Who is driving..... A cop
playing pokemon go
racist jokes - playing pokemon go
This is the Pokemon I'm looking for!
black ppl1
Why don't black people go on cruises?

How many blondes does it take to screw In a light bulb?

horrible jokes
Did you know the pools on the titanic are still full?!

write me some of your horrible jokes in the comments
mexican lawnmowers
What do you call a Mexican without a lawnmower

Useless unemployed mexicant
dont compliment a jew
Don't compliment a Jew because they'll get gassed. (British people understand)
jew joke15
Q: Whats the difference between a Jew and a bullet

A: the bullet comes out the chamber
who hits the ground first
a micronesian and a nigger jump from the tree who hits the ground first?
answer 1: who cares?
answer 2: the micronesian, because the nigger's stopped by the rope.
picking up jewish girls
How do you get a Jewish girl's number? You roll up her sleeve.
pizza and a jew
Q: What's the difference between a pizza and a Jew?

A: One doesn't scream when it goes in the oven
pokemon racism
Q: What do you call a Jewish Pokemon trainer in World War 2?

A: Ash
tongan crip for ever!
And u calling me blue, nigga?
Wen I born I blue
Wen I sick I blue
Wen I scared I blue
Wen I cry I blue
Wen I mad I blue
Wen we tokos all die we blue forever!

Wen u haoles born
u pink
wen u sick u green
wen u scared u yellow
wen u sad u blue
wen u mad u red like one blood
wen u die u grey!
And u niggas calling us TCG tokos colored?! mata usi u niggas!
micronesian on welfare
What do u call a Micronesian single mother on welfare?
Anything u want to. She's nothing but a government whore
wiz khalifa song
What Wiz Khalifa song refers to the LGBT and Jews during the Holocaust?
Pink and Yellow
a blonde mows her lawn
A Blonde is cutting her lawn. She isn't paying attention and accidentally cuts off her cat's tail. Her neighbor is screaming saying "Oh my god! You need to get your cat some help!" The Blonde says, "I'll get my keys and go to walmart!" Confused, the neighbor says "Why on earth would you go to Walmart?" The blonde replies "HELLLOOOOOO! Walmart is the world's biggest re-tailer!"
halloween spooks
What do a Halloween display and a lynching have in common?

There's always a few spooks hanging in the trees.
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