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Racist Jokes

halloween spooks
What do a Halloween display and a lynching have in common?

There's always a few spooks hanging in the trees.
black male
Q:What do you call white people running down a hill?

black male1
Q:What do you call Mexicans running down hill?

A:Mud slide
black male3
Q:What do you call black people running down hill?

A:Jail break!!!
jew women
Q: How do you pick up a Jewish woman?

A: With a dustpan
jew pizza
Q:Whats a Jews favorite pizza topping?

A:Nothing the Jews already in the oven
Q:What do you call a jew taking a shower?

More racist jokes down here...
twitch jewish jokes
Ghost Jew : Future Shekel

teicius_prime : return to castle Jewstein

bspree94 : sakra vsichni jdou pro nanuka letim pro sorbet

VicFromFallout : No on i ten Stein co byl na tom castlu musel být taky pěknej Jud

JosephPunisher : WitchJew 3

JosephPunisher : WitchJew 3 Hearth of Wine
savacz : Jew Engineers

JosephPunisher : tarcSunny

patriks568 : Praise the Jew!

JosephPunisher : MineJew

patriks568 : Jew Souls. :D

MrYodis : hidden danjews

FidgyCZ : JewMade

Kotas333 : Tenhle stream je Jew tarcBIAS

Novafix : Banks in Conflict: Jew Assault

JosephPunisher : PayJew 2

teicius_prime : star jew: the sev awakens

Foxtrot_cze : ChamberTyycon: Jew edition

harmin16 : JewWing vs TieHitler

kubulin24cz : Ou, někdo napsal, že BF1 Demo mělo více hráčů než BF1 za pár měsíců od vydání :D

MrYodis : co takhle to rozšířit na filmy

JosephPunisher : Max Jew 3

gryfinswiftbalade : tak to vypadá že cenu za nejlepší bojovou loď ve Star Sitizen vyhraje Vangaurd

JosephPunisher : MadJew

gryfinswiftbalade : Citizen

teicius_prime : alien vs jew

kubulin24cz : Jew´s List :D

JosephPunisher : Left 4 Jew 2

FidgyCZ : A Song of Nazi and Jew

Novafix : Jewrraria...

patriks568 : Jew Potter a vězeň z Osvětimi.

Sniper Jew V2

gryfinswiftbalade : Saints Jew
black priest4
What do u call a black priest? holy shit
442nd regimental combat teammis lieutenant tries to score with ingrid bergman
racist jokes - 442nd regimental combat teammis lieutenant tries to score with ingrid bergman
It was 1944. The famous 442nd RCT/100th Battalion MIS unit, were coming back from Germany fighting the Nazis. There were three gooks. Satoru Kimura a sergeant, Howard Oshiro a corporal, and their commanding officer lieutenant 1Lt. Mitsuo Ige. They were going to meet Ingrid Bergman as part of the USO meet and greet for these Japanese-American war heroes. They were meeting Ingrid. She had nice tits. Mitsuo got woody, so he was embarrassed. He was trying to hide his boner from her. Ingrid Bergman was single at the time so she didn't care. Where are you from? Ingrid asked. Maui Hawaii, said Mitsuo. Can u show me where u live in the barracks? She asked, referring to the Bachelor Officers' Quarters. You know there's something about Japanese-American army officers, I think will embarrass u .said Mitsuo. What is it? Ingrid asked. Come to my room @ 9 pm. said Mitsuo. There was lots of laughing in there. Typical Mitsuo, said Howard. Asian men sometimes are meant for the better.
how long does it take
How long does it take for a black woman to shit?
9 months.
football fan
What you call a preppy Mexican who has thrown away his highschool football jacket, for soccer colors?

A jocko taco.
muslims favourite game
What's a muslim's Favourite game?
(Think Bombs)
how u call a ringing mexican ?

the black man and bench
Q: What's the difference between a Black man and a Black bench?

A: ------------One can support a family-------------
best joke in the world!!!!!!!!
4 niggers drive of a clif in a old bentle what is the worst thing about it.

The worst thing is there are 5 seats.
dem big black noses
Why are black people's nose so big?

Well god had to pick them up by something to spray paint them black.
jews run
racist jokes - jews run
Funny in a wired way
black shingle roof

How many niggers does it take to shingle a roof ?
If you slice them real thin .
What do you call a building full of mexicans?

gangsters v thugs
I'm a gangsta You is a thug
I'm a pit bull You is a pug
how many black people does it take to change a lightbulb
How many black people does it take to change a light bulb?

1 but you can only see the other 49 when the light is back on
jews in a car4
How do you fit 100 jews in a car?

4 in the seats and 96 in the ashtray
southern holiday
What do you call 6 niggers hanging from a tree in the front yard during the Christmas holiday?

Christmas tree decorations
donald trump1
How do you starve Donald Trump?

Hide his food stamps under his taxes
What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball?

Juan on Juan
blacks in jail
Q: What does a black man do after sex?
A: 15 years to life.
compliments v insults
Don't say "I like ur face" at Jews, especially if you have bad eye-sight (French people understand)
makes you suddenly abandon things
racist jokes - makes you suddenly abandon things
Why does white Imodium work? It pulls your shit together. But why does the black not? It just makes you run faster.
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