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Racist Jokes

What do you call a Nigger without shoelaces?
A Confict
nigger tree
Im not racist. I got a few niggers hanging around in my family tree.
Q:What do you call a bunch of black guys hanging on a barn door? A:Old farming equipment.
night time stories
Q: Why do white people charge criminals more time for drugs then a pedophile that ruined the lives of many children?

A: Because they like the same things. Now that's a Joke
what number
What number was Hitler thinking of?
Between Nien and 6 million
blacks got roasted
To use on black people
haha for blacks
You blend in with all the shit that come out of your mouth.
More racist jokes down here...
hair line
Your hair line is father back on your head than the grand cannon.
your lips are bigger than Montana
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racist jokes - shower3
Why was the Jew clean?
Because he took a shower
class time!
Teacher:What does the pig give you?
Teacher:What does the chicken give you?
Teacher:What does the cow give you?
first time
The first time I got high was in the trunk of my brothers car, must have been really high cuz I'm an only child
octopus nigger
Q: What do you get when you mix a black person and an octopus?

A: I don't know, but it sure will pick a lot of cotton
hitlers daughter1
What did Hitler give his daughter for her birthday? An Easy Bake Oven.
funny nigger joke
what do you call a privileged piece of shit
a nigger
the real nwa
racist jokes - the real nwa
Nazis With Attitude
nigri please!
racist jokes - nigri please!
NOT a joke, but a REAL STORY: I got irritated waiting in line Jessica Nigri, when she arrived, I replied "Nigri Please!". "Don't say that!", she playfully said.
jew, jokes
Q: What did an eight year old Jewish girl get for her birthday?
A: An Easy Bake Oven
Q: What's the difference between a Mexican and a book?
A: A book has papers.
black and jewish1
Q: What's the worst part of being black and Jewish❓❓
A: You have to stint in the back of the oven
jews v pizza
Whats the diffrence between a Jew and a Pizza?
the Jew didn't scream in the oven.
jews v harry potter!
What's the diffrnece between Jews and Harry Potter?
Harry escaped the chamber.
rolling down a hill!!
What do you call a group of white people rolling down a hill?
An Avalanche!
What do you call a group of Mexicans rolling down a hill?
A mud slide!
What do you call a group of Black people rolling down a hill?
Prison break!!!
sorry if you have a religion
racist jokes - sorry if you have a religion
If I was God for a day.....I'd actually exist
What do you call a broken dirty cracker?
White trash!
whats stupider
What's stupider than 500 Mexicans building a bridge across the desert? 500 niggers waiting to fish off of it.
whats stupider 1
What's stupider than 500 Mexican building a bridge across the dessert? 500 niggers waiting to fish off of it.
the answer is 2017
racist jokes - the answer is 2017
when did hitler take over the white house and america?
donald trump and adolf hitler
niggaz be pretty much the same shit, no difference.
What triggers jews PTSD?

The sauna.
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