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Racist Jokes

boy scout1
What is the difference between a Jew and a Boy Scout?

Boy Scouts come back from camp
What do you call a 5-year old with no friends?

A Sand Hook survivor.
What's the difference between a Jew and a Pizza?

A pizza doesn't scream when you put it in the oven
cotton picker
Why do they put cotton in pill bottles ?
To remind black peoples that they were once cotton pickers
What's the difference between Adolf Hitler and Usain Bolt?

Usain Bolt can actually finish a race
jewish joke6
What is the same about and hitler and Usan bolt?

They both finish the race
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Have you ever had Ethiopian food?

Neither have they.
What's a Jews favourite drink?
Mountain Jew
a jews super hero
What's the most famous Jewish super hero. The human torch from fantastic 4. Flame on
white girl1
What's the Flattest Surface to iron your clothes on?

A white Girls Ass.
pokemon go jew
What do you call a jewish pokemon player ?


I am not racist my shadow is black
three jews
3 Jews walk into a bar I lied it was a gas chamber
Did you hear about the Mexican family that was forced to move out of the outhouse?
The niggas downstairs were making too much noise
the children
What do you call a white girl who can run faster than her brothers?
A virgin.
racist jokes - gorilla1
Why does a gorilla always have a frown?

Because in 10 million years it will be a nigger.
smelly smell
What smells like catfood and is sticky

How do you pick up a Jew

With a dushpan and brush
mexican 22
What do you call a mexican who lost his car

What do you call a black priest

Holy shit
What do you call a jewish pokemon go trainer

smelly blacks
Why do black people smell

So blind people can hate them too
racist jokes - speed
whats faster than A black man running with your TV? His brother running with the DVD player
2 black guys
2 black guys are walking down the street 1 guy has $1 and the other guy has 98cent they see a sign that says we will turn you white for 99cents so the 2 guys make a plan that the guy with the $1 will go inside and then give the penny to the guy with 98cents so the guy with the $1 comes out side really white so the guy with the 98cents asked for the penny then the guy with the $1 said get a job NIGGER.
fat belly
Yo fucking mom is that fucking fat she has got more rolls than Gregs
blacks 11
Wat would martin luther king be if he was white alive
the screaming teapot
What's one similarity between a Jew and a teapot?

They both scream when put over a flame.
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