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Racist Jokes

how do you kill 50 flies...

smack a somalian in the face with a shovel
Why is stevie wonder always smiling....

he doesn't know he's black
black, white, and red all over
What is black, white and red all over?

-A black guy, wearing a white shirt, who met up with the ku klux klan
whats the difference between japs and muslims
racist jokes - whats the difference between japs and muslims
Muslims get angry when women aren't covered,
Japs get angry when women's legs aren't covered.
More racist jokes down here...
jew joke16
I asked for this jewish girls phone number and she rolled up her sleees
jew and the road
Q:Why did the Jew cross the road?
A: Because he didn't wanna get gassed
ape shit
What do you call niggers fucking...

Fucking niggers
whats the real meaning of the nba NIGGER BLACK AFRICAN ASAIN
white black and mexican
What do u call a load of white people running down a hill

An avalanche

What do you call a load of Mexicans running down a hill

Taco bell

What do u call a load of black People running down a hill

Prison break
whats the difference between bestiality porn and interracial porn
Interracial porn is a subcategory of bestiality porn
guard tower
1.My grandfather died in the holocaust.
2.other person responds.
3.Ya, he fell off the guard tower at Auschwitz.
cross country3
what is a Mexicans favorite sport?
Cross Country
Two older men go out for a night on the town and they get drunk. they stop at a brothel and order two rooms. they tell the owner that they want two ladies to keep them company for the night. the owner says the his right hand man, "they are so drunk they wont know the difference. send them blow up dolls." the next morning the two men discuss the night before. the first man goes,"i think my lady was dead. she didn't make any noise as I made love to her." the second man goes,"i think mine was a witch, cuz when I bit her neck she farted and flew away."
jewish black boy
A little jewish black boy went to his mother(cuz he don't have a dad) and asked her, "am I more jewish or more black?" she responded, "i don't know, why do you ask?" the little boy says, "cuz a boy at school is selling his bike for 50 dollars and I don't know if I should talk him down to 40 or if I should just steal it."
white hands1
why are black peoples hands white?

Cuz I suppose there is a little bit of good in all of us.
grand canyon1
how was the grand canyon made?

A jew lost a nickel.
There are 10 girls stranded on an island surrounded by shark infested waters. one has brown hair and the rest are blonde. a helicopter comes to rescue them and the ladder can only hold 9 people. while they are all on the ladder the brunette gives a speech explaining why she should be the one to fall in the water. at the conclusion of her speech all of the blonde ones let go of the ladder and clapped.
dead babies
whats the difference between a pile of dead babies and a Lamborghini?

I don't have a lambo in my garage.
fence babies
how many babies does it take to paint a fence?

depends on how hard you throw them.
nacho babies
How do you fit 100 babies in a bucket?


How do you get them out?

nigger pizza
whats the difference between a nigger and a pizza?

pizza can feed a family of four.
guess the sitcom producer
Here are (some of) his sitcoms,
Laugh Tracks and Nerds
Laugh Tracks and Rich Faggots
Laugh Tracks and Skanks
Laugh Tracks and Fatties
Laugh Tracks and Alcoholics
What's the difference between a boy scout and a jew?

Boy scouts come home from camp.
why do no mexicans work at the dogpound
Because chihuahuas roam its neighborhood.
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