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what do you call a mexican police officer
Employed panhandler with a book of bribe requests.
ever wonder why black mothers give their babies retarded names
First the beast known as a "Mammy" (or a more modern term "BTX-1000") unleashes the spawn. Feeling like she's not finished, she reaches into her rectum to pull out fecal matter. At first she mistakes it for another child (or "chow" by their terminology), until she realizes it's feces. Then the beast places the substance on a nearby surface. Reading the feces like tea-leaves and through a strange DlNDU voodoo language code, she combines syllables to create the name of her future violent predator.

To summarize, they pull the names of their babies from their asses
Why did the nigger cross the road?

Cause that's where the cotton field is
cross the road3
Why did the nigger cross the road?

To kill people, sell and use drugs, rob dollar stores and to make lives for normal people worse
whats the difference between christian preachers asnd jewish preachers
Christians preach in the streets and Jews preach in Hollywood and the media
rip adam west (batman)
What's the difference between Batman and Black Man? Adam West can go into a bank without Burt Ward inside!
why do mamasitas train their kids at a young age to perfect smashing pinatas with a bat
So their children can be pros on rip crews after leaving the burro.
how does a black woman name her child
First the creature unleashes the offspring. Then she reaches into her rectum to pull out waste. And by reading the substance like tea-leaves, she combines syllables like a special dindu language code to create the name of their offspring.

In short, they pull the names of their babies out their asses.
how do you kill a jews boner
Tell him there's no black men.
apple tree
What are the similarities between an apple and a nigger?

They both look nice hanging from trees!
Did you ever wonder why niggers are so good at basketball?

Because all they have to do is run, shoot and steal!
boy scout vs jew
What is the difference between a Boy Scout and a Jew?

The Boy Scout comes back from camp!
how do you know if a freeway has been frequented by mexicans
By the broadness of its tire print white lines.
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