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funny jokes

The best most funny jokes ever

the old chinese man and the nigger

An old Chinese man was standing at the edge of a lake and was skipping stones on it. Each time he threw a stone it would go, CHING-FLING-ZING. A nigger walked up to him and asked (AXED) him what he was doing. The old Chinese man said, "I skip stones on surface of lake because it tells me my ancestry...see?" So the Old Chinese man threw another stone towards the surface of the lake and it again went CHING-FLING-ZING. The old Chinese man said, my brother's name was CHING, my sister in law's name was FLING and my mother in law's name was ZING. The nigger said he wanted to try it and find out his ancestry, so the Chinese man gave him a stone and the nigger threw it at the lake. As his stone skipped on the surface it went CHIM-PAN-ZEE!

btw not a joke just a fact!

And you calling me colored??

When I born, I black.
When I grow up, I black.
When I go in sun, I black.
When I scared, I black.
When I sick, I black.
And when I die, I still black.

And you white people.
When you born, you pink.
When you grow up, you white.
When you go in sun, you red.
When you cold, you blue.
When you scared, you yellow.
When you sick, you green
And when you die, you grey…

And you calling me colored??


Why do black people only have nightmares?
- Because we killed the only one that had a dream.


Whats the diference between a nigga and a nickel ? The nickel is worth something

4th reich

Hitler comes back from the dead and gathers people to create a new 4th Reich. "This time, we're going to kill more Jews than ever. We're going to 20 million Jews and 6 Clowns!"

Someone in the crowd spoke up, "6 Clowns? Why 6 clowns?" Hitler looks at the audience and says "see, I told you no one cares about the Jews."


Why Beyonce sings "to the left, to the left"? Because niggers have no rights!


A Jew walks up to hitlers grave with a Christian.
The Jew then spits on hitlers grave
The Christian said "why did you spit on him?
The Jew said" he killed half of my religion"
The Christian then spits on the grave
The Jew said"why did you spit?"
The Christian said " because he didn't finish the job"

how blacks are created

What did god say when he created the first black man?
"Shit i burnt one"

the roof

on the roof of a very tall building are four men; one is asian, one is mexican, one is black, and the last one is white. The asian walks to the ledge and says, "This is for all my people" and jumps off the roof. Next, the mexican walks to the ledge and also says, "This is for all my people" and then he jumps off the roof. Next is the black guy's turn. The black guy walks to the ledge and says, "This is for all my people" and then throws the white guy off the roof.

jewish train

What do you call 1000 Jews on a train?

Anything you want, they are never coming back


Q: what's the difference between a Boy Scout and a Jew?

A:Boy Scouts come home from camp.


Q: What happened to the little black boy who had diarrhea for the first time?

A: He though he was melting.

jew joke

What do you call a Jewish person floating in the sky?



Why are pills white?
- Because they work.


Whats the difference between a Jew and Santa

Santa goes down the chimney

jupiter or jewpiter

We should change the name of Jupiter to Jewpiter because it's a gas planet

jewish girl1

Q: how do you pick up a Jewish girl
A: a dust pan

uno dos tres

Why don't mexicans cross the border in 3's?

Because it says no trespassing

flattest surface

What's the flattest surface to iron your jeans on?

A white girl's ass.

money and jews

Q:What's the difference between 6 million dollars and 6 million Jews?

A:I would care if I lost 6 million dollars

weed jokes

Q- what do you call a stoned Mexican
A- baked beans

daughters birthday

What did Adolf Hitler give his 6 year old daughter for her birthday?

-An easy bake oven

lil bit of good

why are black guys hands white?

theres a lil bit of good in everyone


Why did hitler kill himself?
Because he saw his gas bill

who cares

Q: What's the difference between Jews and Money

A: People care about money


Q: whats the difference between Iceman and a Jew

A: About 450°F


Q: Why can't mexicans play uno?
A: They steal all the green cards.


Q: Why do black men cry after sex?

A: Because of the mace.

the broken phone

Question: Why isn't this phone working?

Answer: Because it's black.

fast niggas

Q: Why are the niggas so fast?
A: Cuz the slow ones are in prison

nigger and sperm

What does a nigger and sperm have in common?
Only about 1 out of two million actually work

mexican jesus

A new scientific study reveals that Jesus was actually a Mexican:
- he was born in a barn
- he walked around always wearing flip-flops
- if he ever did anything, it was a miracle

the white mexican

A little Mexican boy goes into the kitchen where his mom is baking. He puts his hand in the flour and wipes it all over his face. He says, "Mom, look - I'm a white boy!" His mom slaps him in the face and says, "Go show your father." He goes to his dad in the living room and says, "Look Dad, I'm a white boy." His dad slaps him hard in the face and says, "Go show your grandmother." The boy goes into his grandmother's room and say, "Mira, Abuelita, I'm a white boy." His grandmother slaps him in the face and sends him back to his mother. His mother says, "See, did you learn anything from that?" To which the boy replies, "Sure did! I have only been white for five minutes and I already hate you Mexicans!"


What do u call a Mexican who lost his car


very bonnie tyler

A skinny little white guy goes into an elevator, looks up and sees this HUGE black guy standing next to him.
The big guy sees the little guy staring at him, looks down and says, “7 feet tall, 350 pounds, 20 inch prick, 3 pound left testicle, 3 pound right testicle, Turner Brown.”

The white man faints and falls to the floor. The big guy kneels down and brings him to, shaking him. The big guy asks.. “What’s wrong with you?”

In a weak voice the little guy says, “What EXACTLY did you say to me?”

The big dude says, “I saw your curious look and figured I’d just give you the answers to the questions everyone always asks me. I’m 7 feet tall, I weigh 350 pounds, I have a 20 inch prick, my left testicle weighs 3 pounds, my right testicle weighs 3 pounds, and my name is Turner Brown.”

The small guy says, “Turner Brown!…Sweet Jesus, I thought you said, “Turn Around!!”


What do you call a white person playin with gasoline? A firecracker.

jews in a car

How do you get 100 Jews in a car 5 in the back 3 in the front and the rest in the ashtray.

How do you get them out? Tell them Hitlers driving.

biology test

I failed my Biology test last week. The question was:
"What can be commonly be found in cells?"
Apparently, "niggers" wasn't the right answer

black jew7

What do you call a black Jew....

A: A survivor

jew black joke

Q: What's the difference between a black guy and a Jew

A: A Black guy can Escape when Things Get Heated!

jew car

Q:What is similar between a Jew and a diesel car.
A:They both don't take gas well

circumcise a hillbilly

How do you circumcise a hillbilly?

Kick his sister in the jaw.

redneck police cases

Why are redneck murder cases the hardest to solve? Because all the DNA matches and there are no dental records.


What do you call a bus full of white people? A Twinkie

harry potter and a jew

Q: whats the difference between harry potter and a jew?

A: harry potter made it out of the chambers alive

black jesus

I think Jesus is black because he's our father and he hasn't come back

the attic

Q: What do u find in your Attic

A: Anne Frank

what did anne frank say to the german

Anne: I need some more concentration

German: I Did Nazi That Coming

mexicans 5

Q:What do u call a Mexican without a lawn mower?

sports car

Did you hear about the new Jewish sports car? Yeah it can stop on a dime and pick it up at the same time.

polar express1

Q: What is the black version of the Polar Express called?
A: The Underground Railroad

Why? Both are fake trains that lead to freedom in the north.

orange jewse

how do you fit 100 jews in a car

2 in the front seat 98 in the ashtray

my pc

I painted my PC black so it will run faster.

martin luther king jr

What would Martin Luther King be if he was white ALIVE

worst 3 years

What is the worst 3 years of a niggers life?
First grade.

black priest

Q. What do you call a black priest

A. Holy Shit

green pink and yellow

A US Border Patrol Agent catches an illegal alien in the bushes right by the border fence, he pulls him out and says "Sorry, you know the law, you've got to go back across the border right now." The Mexican man pleads with them, "No, noooo Senor, I must stay in de USA! Pleeeze!" The Border Patrol Agent thinks to himself, I'm going to make it hard for him and says "Ok, I'll let you stay if you can use three english words in a sentence. The three words are 'green,' 'pink,' and 'yellow.'" The Mexican man thinks , then says, "Hmmm, okay. The phone, it went green, green, green. I pink it up and sez yellow?"


A cowboy walks into a bar, sits down, and asks for a shot. Across the bar, a Mexican man is sitting and glaring at the cowboy. The cowboy takes the shot and slams the shot glass down on the counter, yelling, "TGIF!" The Mexican orders a shot, takes it, and slams his glass down, yelling, "SPIT!" The cowboy looks over at him and notices the Mexican guy is still staring at him. The cowboy once again orders a shot, slams it down, and yells again "TGIF!" Once again, the Mexican orders a shot, slams it down after consuming it, and yells out, "SPIT!" This goes on for a while, and the bartender stands puzzled and annoyed. Finally, the bartender asks the cowboy, "Just checking, but do you know what TGIF means?" and the cowboy replies, "Hell ya I know what it means, 'Thank God It's Friday!'" The bartender asks the Mexican guy, "Okay, so what does 'SPIT' mean?" and the Mexican replies, "Stupid Pendejo It's Thursday!"

por quhhhhyyyyy

Black jokes and Mexican jokes are about the same. Once you heard Juan , you heard Jamal

why are women soldiers better than men?

because they can bleed for a week and not die

we have so many

An Arab, Frenchman, American and a Mexican are riding down the highway. The Arab picks up an AK-47. He shoots a couple of rounds and then throws the gun out the window. The American asks him why he through the gun out the window and the Arab says they have so many of those where he is from he doesn't care about what happens to them.

The Frenchman picks up a bottle of wine and drinks a little and throws it out the window. The American asks him why he tossed it. The Frenchman says they have so much of it where he is from he doesn't care what happens to it.

The American picks up the Mexican and throws him out the window.


Why do black girls have bigger butts then white girls ? Cuz they hold the shit in.....

cross country

Whats a Mexicans favourite sport? Cross Country.

yo mama jokes1

Yo momma is so fat, I took a picture of her last Christmas and it's still printing.

Yo momma's so fat and old when God said, "Let there be light," he asked your mother to move out of the way.

Yo momma is so fat that when she went to the beach a whale swam up and sang, "We are family, even though you're fatter than me."

Yo momma is so fat when she got on the scale it said, "I need your weight not your phone number."

Upvote me and Ill put more jokes!

poor mexicans

How do you find the population of Mexico?
roll a quarter down the street
How do u find the richest person in Mexico?
see who got the quarter


What's the difference between a Jew and a Boy Scout?

Boy Scouts come home from camp.

pizza oven

Q: Whats the difference between a jew and a pizza?

A: One screams in the oven.

olimpic team

Q- how come Mexican doesn't have a olympic team
A- because every one that can run jump and swim is already across the border


Whats a Jews favorite day of the week?



There is a black guy and a mexican in a car. Who is driving?

A cop

hitler gas bill

What did Hitler say when he saw his gas bill?

A holla-Cost

mexican house

A man is walking down the street in Mexico and he steps on a tissue, a Mexican jumps around a corner and yells "pls señor no shoes in the house"

(The tissue is his house)

what do you call a mexican without a car

What do you call a mexican without a car? Carlos

jew jokes

Why did hitler commit suicide?

He saw the gas bill

how to get jewish girls number

Q:How do you get jewish girls number?

A:Look under their arm

black joke1

Q:what do you call a black man with an Afro?

white guy black room

How many white people does it take to change a lightbulb?

None, they lynch the room for being black.

harry potter and the jew

What is the differance between a Jew and harry potter?

A:harry potter made it out of the chambers

nasa jokes

Most of you are well aware that NASA sent several chimps into orbit before they risked a human. But did you know that NASA actually sent a nigger into orbit with a chimpanzee once? Of course, NASA will deny it - and for good reason because here is what happened.

Once the capsule was in orbit, the nigger watched the chimp like a hawk to see what it would do. It wasn't long before the chimp reached up and flipped a toggle switch on the panel directly over its head. The nigger then did exactly the same thing with the toggle switch on the panel over his head.

A little later, the chimp reached forward and made a minor adjustment to one of the rotary knobs directly in front of it. Once again, the nigger saw what the chimp did and did exactly the same thing with the rotary knob in front of him.

After several orbits, the chimp reached into a zippered pocket on its left sleeve and removed a small piece of paper. The chimp looked at the paper, folded it carefully, and returned it to the pocket.

Once again, carefully emulating the chimp, the nigger unzipped the pocket on the left sleeve of his spacesuit to learn the contents of the paper. Much to the nigger's dismay, there was no paper in the pocket. The nigger then feverishly searched every pocket of his spacesuit looking for the paper, but to no avail. There was no paper.

When the chimp was occupied elsewhere, the nigger carefully reached over and removed the paper from the chimp's pocket. Turning away from the chimp so that the chimp couldn't see, the nigger unfolded the paper. Here is what it said:

"Feed the nigger at noon."

hitlers daughter

One day Hitler's daughter walked up to him. She was feeling kind of thirsty, So she asked Hitler if there was any Juice. Hitler says " Yea there's Juice" So his daughter checks the Refrigerator, She couldn't find any in there. Then she asked "Well Dad where's the Juice?" Then Hitler said " Damn I Forgot I left it in the oven!"

jews and basketball

Q: what do you call a Jew that loses at basketball

A: holocrossed

hitler to go

Q What would happen if Hitler owned KFC

A it would be named Kentucky Fried Jews


What is the diffrance between harry potter and jews?

Harry potter made it out if the chamber

why too black people

so why do 2 black people have a white child because
2 negative make one positive

thanks giving

Why don't blacks celebrate thanksgiving?

KFC isnt open on holidays.

in common

Q: What does a fat lip, black eye, and a job have in common?

A: You can't give a nigger any of them.

yo mama so fat3

yo mama so fat she doesn't need the internet



Three men are traveling in the Amazon, a German, an American, and a Mexican, and they get captured by some Amazons. The head of the tribe says to the German, "What do you want on your back for your whipping?" The German responds, "I will take oil!" So they put oil on his back, and a large Amazon whips him ten times. When he is finished the German has these huge welts on his back, and he can hardly move. The Amazons haul the German away, and say to the Mexican, "What do you want on your back?" "I will take nothing!" says the Mexican, and he stands there straight and takes his ten lashings without a single flinch. "What will you take on your back?" the Amazons ask the American. He responds, "I'll take the Mexican."

vending machine

What's the difference between a Jew and a vending machine?

Vending machines give you your change back.


Why should you never play Uno with a Mexican? They take all the green cards.

full train

How do you get 6000 jews out of a train?

You stop at auswich.

white man dancing

What do you call it when a white man dancing has a seizure? An improvement.

white girls

How many white girls does it take to screw in a light?
None, white girls can’t screw.

the nba

What do you call a bunch of white guys sitting on a bench?

getting numbers

How do you get a Jewish girls number?

A:look at her arm

jew and a boyscout

Q:How are jews and boy scouts different?
A: Boy scouts come home from camp

stingy jews

Why do Jews get double glazed Windows?

So their children can't hear the ice cream truck


whats the difference between harry potter and the Jews.

harry escaped the chambers.

the grand canyon

How was the Grand Canyon made?

A jew dropped penny in a small hole


How do you fit 30 jews in a car?
2 in the front,
2 in the back,
26 in the ashtray

jewsn chambers

Q:How does Jews escape gas chambers?
A:Trought the chimney into thin air.

jewish joke4

Q: How do you pick up a Jewish girl?
A: With an ash tray

the flying jew

Q: What do you call a flying Jew?

A: smoke

anne franks diary

Q - Why didn't Anne Frank finish her diary?
A - She needed more concentration

the biil

Q: Why did the German Economy lie in shambles after World War II?

A: They had to pay the gas bill.

ig: braydonlinnbell

What do you call a Mexican midget

A paragraph

Because there not a full essay


Why is there cotton in pill bottles? To remind black people that they were cotton pickers before drug dealers.


Why cant mexican play uno... They take all the green cards.

my family tree

So I found out that i have a nigger in my family tree...
Yeah, He's still hangin'.

fat ass

Yo momma so fat when she heard it was chilly outside she came outside with a spoon and a bowl


new yorkers are the fastest readers in the world they went through 110 stories in 10 minuets

mexican olympic team

Why doesn't Mexico have an Olympic team?

Because everyone who can run, swim, or jump is already in America.

fruit of choice

Two Americans and a Mexican are exploring in Africa and they stumble upon a tribe. The chief of the tribe tells the explorers that they are going to get fruit shoved up their butts and if they laugh they are going to get killed. Luckly, the Chief tells them they get to pick their own fruit. The two whittes pick berries and the Chief shoves it up their butts. They both laugh their heads off. In heaven God asks them why they laughed. And the Americans reply, "The Mexican picked a watermelon."

reverse time

How to tell if the time is geting reversed ? Look out of the window and if you see a jew putting a coin on the ground then your correct


Whats black and yellow and fun to watch?

A school bus full of black kids driving off a cliff

karate and judo

What’s the difference between karate and judo? Karate is a method of self defence and judo is what bagels are made of!

black priest4

What do u call a black priest? holy shit

why cant chinese people have white babies

Because two Wings don't make a white

heres a white lullaby

"use rock a by baby song"
Enough building walls today,
Now go to sleep and dream about walls,
in the morning we'll build more walls,
then we'll go and meet trump!

the jewish date

How do you get a Jewish girl's number?

Ask her to role up her sleeve

first black on earth

What did God say to this first black man on earth?

Answer: oops I burnt one


Son: Daddy why did Moses and the Jews wander around the dessert for 40 years?
Dad: Someone dropped a quarter.

jews lottery

A Jewish man has just won the lottery and invites his family to a dinner. He then stands up to thank everyone. "First I must thank my beautiful wife for her help and support, then I want to thank my children, and the lottery commission." "Then I would like to thank Adolf Hitler". Suddenly everyone was silent as he showed some numbers tatooed on his forearm and said, "For the winning numbers!"


What's the worst part of the Holocaust?

A:it didn't finish


What do you call a retarded Jew?

A: Auschwistic

when it gets cold

Q: What are you supposed to do when a Jew gets cold?

A: put him in the oven

jews again

Q:Why Jews have big noses?
A:Because the air is free.

xbox live

Yo mama so stupid she bought tickets to go see Xbox live


Yo mama so fat when she goes in an elevator she can only go down


What did the Mexican get for his birthday?

Your bike.

jews in car

How do you fit 10 Jews in 1 car.

Two in the front

Two in the middle

Six in the ash trey


black jew4

Q- what do you get when you mix a black person with a Jew?
A- a black man who's actually intelligent.
Or- a Jew who can actually run when he sees trouble.

dead bodies

People say dead bodies don't move. But if your a Jew, your body moves from the chamber to the oven and into the sky


What is the difference between Santa and a Jew?

Santa goes down the chimney.

black preacher

What do you call a black preacher?
Holy Shit


Yo momma so poor when she heard it was raining she came outside with a soap

dad and son

A young Jewish kid goes up to his Jewish dad and says " Dad can I borrow $5 dollars"? The dad is shocked and says "$4 dollars? What do you need $3 dollars for"?

canoe and jew

What's the difference between a Jew and a canoe? A canoe tips.

dumb ass

Yo momma so dumb when she be put a quarter in each ear and said she was listening to the rapper 50 cent


Why are black people so tall... Cause they kneegrows.

successful black man

its called successful black man meme

the bastard

A man is being trialed in court.
Judge: "Sir you are being accused with murdering your wife with a hammer".
Court viewer: "You bastard".
Judge: "You are also accused with murdering you mother with a hammer".
Court viewer: "You bastard!".
Judge: "Sir one more noise out of you and I'll hold you in contempt!"
Court viewer: "Sorry you honor, it's just that I've been this man's neighbor for 10 years and every time I asked for a hammer he said he didn't have one"

cross country

What is a Mexicans favorite sport?

Cross country!!

whats the difference between a jew and a pizza

One doesn't scream when you put it in the oven


Q. Why don't you see any slow black people?
A. All the slow ones are in prison.

fresh air

Q-why are Jew's noses so big
A-because air is free

what did god said when he made the first black guy

What did God say when he made the first black man? "Damn, I burnt one."

my girlfriend

What did the Mexican say to his wife after she found out he was cheating?You are the Juan for me,no other girls

sounds like

What's the worst thing you can call a black man, starting with N and ending with R?


Q. What do you call a floating Jew?

A. Cremated ashes in the wind

anne frank at partys

Q:What happens when Anne Frank enters a party

A:The gets Lit

black guy slam dunk

Why are black people so good at basketball, because they can run,shoot,and steal

black and white1

Why do criminal black gangsters wear white shirts
to look innocent

happy potter jew joke

What's the difference between Harry Potter and a Jew?

Harry made it out of the chambers alive!


Q: what's the difference between a bullet and a Jew?
A: one of them gets out of the chamber

north koreans

why North Koreans are like rabbits.

Because Kim Jong Un stuffed a carrot up his ass crack


they used to be called jumpolines...
until your mama jumped on one back in 1972

yaaa mama

You're mama is fat after i f#×k her i roll twice and I'm still on that fat ass

nigger & jew

A Nigger and a Jew are jumping from a roof.
Who hits the ground first?
The nigger.
Shit is flying faster than Ashes.

whats the diffrence

whats the difference about

a white man

and a black man

the white man don't have this


metal jew

What Do You Call A Jew Made Out Of Metal?


its not the color

A blonde goes into a nearby store and asks a clerk if she can buy the TV in the corner. The clerk looks at her and says that he doesn't serve blondes, so she goes back home and dyes her hair black. The next day she returns to the store and asks the same thing, and again, the clerk said he doesn't serve blondes. Frustrated, the blonde goes home and dyes her hair yet again, to a shade of red. Sure that a clerk would sell her the TV this time, she returns and asks a different clerk this time. To her astonishment, this clerk also says that she doesn't serve blondes. The blonde asks the clerk, "How in the world do you know I am a blonde?" The clerk looks at her disgustedly and says,"That's not a TV, it's a microwave!"

jewish cooks

Q:Who is the best Jewish cook

snow tires

Whats the difference between niggers and snow tires?
Snow tires don't sing when you put chains on them!

pizza and the jews

What is the difference between a pizza and a Jew?

A pizza doesn't scream when you put it into the oven.


knock, knock.
who's there?
ur mum.
ur mum who?
the one that adopted u!!

jew jokes1

What's the difference between a Boy Scout and a Jew

Only one comes back from camp

black 37

What do you call the black abortion clinic

Crime stoppers


Q: Why do Jewish men have to be circumcised? A: Because a Jewish women wont touch anything unless it's 20% off

the chicken

Why did the chicken cross the road?

The chicken was from mexico and the other side of the road was the USA

long jew

What happens if a Jew with an erection walks face first into a wall? He breaks his nose.

moby dick`s father

Who was Moby Dick`s father?
Poppa Boner

auto correct

Yo mama so mean I added her name in a text and it auto corrected to bitch.


Q: What comes with the new Divorced Barbie?
A: All of Ken's stuff.

jew joke

What's the Jew doing on the swing?

Teasing the sniper

african food

Have you tried african food? Neither have they.

mexican uno

Why can't you play Uno with a Mexican? They steal all the green cards.

the alamo

An Englishman, Frenchman, Mexican, and Texan were flying across country on a small plane when the pilot comes on the loud speaker and says " We're having mechanical problems and the only way we can make it to the next airport is for 3 of you to open the door and jump, at least one of you can survive" The four open the door and look out below. The Englishman takes a deep breath and hollers "God Save The Queen" and jumps. The Frenchman gets really inspired and hollers "Viva La France" and he also jumps. This really pumps up the Texan so he hollers "Remember the Alamo" and he grabs the Mexican and throws him out of the plane.

german mexican

hat do you get when you cross a Mexican and a German?
A Beaner-Schnitzel

cross border

Whad did the Mexican say to the oder mexican ? Wnat to go cross border


How many niggers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Zero, because they will steal the lightbulb.


Why is it allowed for women to be a pilot in Saudi Arabia but prohibited to drive? Because driving into a tower at full speed wouldn't make the same effect.

white mexican black joke

Q:what do u call a load of white people running down a hill
Q:what do u call a load of Mexicans running down a hill
A:mud slide
Q:what do u call a load of black people running down a hill
A: prison break

african joke lol

What do ya can a truck full of black babies?
POT hole filler


What do you call it when a white man marries the woman of his dreams? Incest

penis fish

what do u call a black guy with a peg leg? shit on a stick

racist nigger jokes1

Q.How do you get a black man out of a tree?

A.You cut the rope


I know what the U.S.A really stands for.

cheese please

a white man walks in a bar he sat next to a black dude the black man asked for some cheese the bartender said why black dude said for my cracker

jewpiter 1

they should call Jupiter JEWPITER because its a gas planet

yo mama joke10

Yo mamas so ugly even hello kitty said goodbye.

black jews 1

Q: Why did black Jews have it worse

A: They had to sit at the back of the gas chamber
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