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Jewbacca Jokes So Far

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4th reich
Hitler comes back from the dead and gathers people to create a new 4th Reich. "This time, we're going to kill more Jews than ever. We're going to 20 million Jews and 6 Clowns!"

Someone in the crowd spoke up, "6 Clowns? Why 6 clowns?" Hitler looks at the audience and says "see, I told you no one cares about the Jews."
in common
Q: What does a fat lip, black eye, and a job have in common?

A: You can't give a nigger any of them.
Q: What happened to the little black boy who had diarrhea for the first time?

A: He though he was melting.
Why do niggers have such big dicks? So they can be as far away as possible from a smelly black pussy when fucking it.
Q: Why do black men cry after sex?

A: Because of the mace.
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