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yo mama so white jokes

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Yo mama is so white that back in the first grade the kids wrote all over her and when the teacher tried to grade yo mama he went blind

Yo momma so white, she can stand in front of a television and get a tan.

yo mama so white she makes the holy ghost say "Dayum"

Yo mama is so white, she blinded the angels.

Yo Mama so white she doesn't have a shadow.

yo mama so white I had to where shades during sex.

Yo mama so white when god said let there be light he could not see her.

Yo mama so white she makes a marshmallow look tan.

Yo mama so white, Miley Cyrus said somebody sweep up the white trash

Yo mama so white and fat, that she is often mistaken for the iceberg that sunk the titanic.

Yo mama so white Xbox Live wont let her play BLACK ops

yo momma so white she gets a tan from watching the microwave
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